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We recognise that the job market has never been more competitive than it is today.  Whether you are reading this page because you have recently been made redundant, are seeking first employment or are thinking about re-entering the jobs market, you may need support at this time to help you achieve your ambition.

We have experience of supporting many learners who face the daunting prospect of finding a new job.  The environment of today requires not only skills and confidence but also a greater ability to 'sell yourself' to enable you to differentiate you from other candidates.  Whilst no one can provide a guaranteed of a job, Woodspeen will help you to maximise the chances of securing employment.  We will support you as an individual, to understand your motivations and personal barriers, if any.  We will advise you on the appropriate skills programmes that you will require to meet the demands of the job that you seek.  We will also help you with putting your CV together and preparing you for interview.   You can click on the below for further information on these areas of support or contact us directly at your local centre (please see 'contact us' for contact details).

We recognise and will respect that you may not need all of this support or may require more support in certain areas than others.  We will tailor our support around your needs so that you have the right support at this time to help you succeed.



When you come to see us we will assess your current levels of I.T. knowledge and your working levels of English and Maths. From speaking and working with hundreds of employers in your local area we know that these three subject areas are the first qualifications that are checked when jobseekers go for an interview.

English, Maths and I.T knowledge are the building blocks for employment in the modern work place. Woodspeen Training will assess you in all three of these subjects and create a unique learning experience to give you the skills you need. All of the English, Maths and I.T qualifications we offer are accredited and nationally recognised by employers and colleges. In addition the units you are awarded can be combined with further qualifications under the Qualification Credit Framework.

Woodspeen Training also invests time in training you on techniques to ensure that you have the best possible opportunities of finding the right job vacancy and then winning that all important job interview.

Our employability programmes offer a range of vital skills for job seekers that will give you the advantage over the competition.

We teach specialist job searching techniques to ensure that your time spent looking for a job is effective, workshops to ensure your CV and letter writing skills make you stand out from the crowd and interview techniques that ensure you know what questions to expect and how to impress the employer with your answers on the big day.

All of our employability programmes are recognised qualifications with structured learning. The credit values you will be awarded on completion of this programme can be used and mapped to many other qualifications such as apprenticeships under the Qualifications Credit Framework.

For some job seekers it is important to look at the deeper issues that are preventing you from finding work. At Woodspeen Training we understand that without addressing and overcoming these barriers it may be very difficult for you to find long term employment.

In order to help you overcome some of these issues Woodspeen Training offers a range of short personal and social development programmes to help show you how to manage the day to day challenges of long term unemployment so that you can remain positive and focus all your energies on finding the right job for you.


Woodspeen Training is a government funded organisation. If you are aged 19 or older and have lived in the UK for three years or more then the training solutions we offer are all paid for by the government.

Funding for all training is limited so please be aware that we do expect commitment from you to complete any courses you have chosen to enrol on.

What can I expect on my first day?

On your first day you will be asked to attend a group induction. You will meet the manager of the centre who will give you a presentation on what training solutions we can offer to meet your job seeking needs.

Following this presentation you will be asked to complete a few short assessments so we can begin the process of creating a unique package just for you. 

On your second visit you will meet your personal tutor who will oversee your entire journey with us. They will take the time to find out your needs and work with you to put together your personal programme.

Your tutor will then regularly monitor your progress throughout your programme, assisting you with any areas you need extra help with and supporting your through your learning. They will create a timetable for your training and make sure that all your sessions are pre booked so that you have access to all the material you need to achieve your goals.

You will need to bring with you proof that you are in receipt of state benefits and a form of identification from the following list; passport, driving license, bank/building society/credit card statement, birth certificate, Utility Bill, Council tax bill, NHS Medical card, UK Armed Forced card, other forms of ID may be excepted. Please contact us for further details if you do not have any of the items listed.

Enrolling is simple and easy. Email us via the contact us function on this website and we will be in touch!

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