About Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a great opportunity for getting your career started, offering dynamic qualifications that strike the perfect balance between training, study and work.

Throughout the duration of the Apprenticeship you will be with a local employer who will train you in your chosen job role and help you to achieve your qualification.

Apprenticeships typically take a minimum of one year to complete but could take anything up to four years to complete. The duration depends on your particular skills and will be influenced by your level of prior knowledge and experience as well as the occupational sector and level you are working towards. Whatever the duration you can expect to be employed for at least 30 hours per week.

Subject to minimum wage legislation, your (apprenticeship) wage will be determined by your employer.  There is a national minimum wage in existence which means that an employer MUST pay you at least the amount set by government. The National Minimum Wage rate for all apprentices under 19, or 19+ and in the first year of their apprenticeship is £3.70/hour (April 2018) 

There are very few downsides to an apprenticeship. You get a job, you get real skills, you develop self confidence, you meet new people and make new friends. If you like the idea of earning your own money, taking responsibility for your own career and obtaining valuable life skills as well as respected qualifications to help build your future, then an Apprenticeship is really worth considering.

How can Woodspeen help?

We are a provider of training that is a key part of any apprenticeship programme. Whilst you are employed as an apprentice you will be assessed at regular intervals on the skills that you have gained and you will also get trained in the technical skills relevant to your chosen occupational sector as well as further training in Maths and English). Woodspeen have delivered this training within the sectors and localities in which we operate for 20 plus years. In fact you may well meet people at your work who have trained with Woodspeen in the past!

You may be considering undertaking your apprenticeship with a college and that is a decision that you may make or your employer may determine.  We are different to colleges and actually we believe we are also different to other independent learning organisations that you will come across. So, what makes us so different?

Well firstly, unlike colleges, we see it as our role to help you to find a job. We have extensive links with employers in our local areas so we know not only when they are looking for new employees but also have a deep insight into what type of employees will fit in to each organisation and culture. We work with you to help you find employment. We will assist you with your CV and help support you through the interview process. If you wish to work with a particular employer then we will help you in every way we can to prepare you for that employer also. Our learners tell us that we help to de-mystify many of uncertainties around getting a new job.

Very important also is our commitment to flexibility by helping you when you need us. College programmes work to an academic calendar (you typically have to start a course in October). Well, that's simply not the case at Woodspeen. We offer a 'RoRo' or 'Roll on Roll off' service. We are recruiting throughout the year and our training and support will commence when you start your job with your employer rather than an academic calendar.

We believe we are different from other non college providers also. Woodspeen has around 800 apprentices training at any one time so we are a relatively large trainer. This enables us to offer you a wider range of programmes than many other organisations  but, critically, we retain our small organisation ethos. Our people are personal, passionate and professional in everything they do. We will get to know you, we will treat you as an individual by taking time to understand your needs and identify the support needed to help you succeed. Throughout your apprenticeship we will support you when you need us.

We will:

  • Give you a personal mentor to guide and support you throughout your studies
  • Be friendly but professional in our dealings with you
  • Offer Support and guidance to help you achieve your career ambition
  • Give you a trusted point of contact for support and advice after you have qualified
  • Empower you to succeed!

If you would like further information about us or would like to talk to a member of our team then please contact us on 01484 429 359.

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